Marinteknik is well-known world-wide as a leading designer and builder of good quality high speed vessels. It was the first yard in the world to pioneer the use of special profiled aluminium extrusions for construction that makes vessels light and strong, thus offering better performance.

Marinteknik Shipbuilders (S) Pte Ltd established its construction yard in Singapore in 1984. The yard has built more than 50 vessels, with speeds ranging from 18 knots to 50 knots for customers worldwide. Marinteknik Shipbuilders (S) Pte Ltd was acquired by Bok Seng and and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bok Seng with effect from 12 March 2014.

Yard Location

The shipyard is located in the west part of Singapore with an area of 23,000 square metres and a waterfrontage of 128 metres with a U-shaped seawall for berthing and slipping up of vessels.

Yard Infrastructure

The infrastructure consists of three workshops totalling 4,800 square metres and 5 overhead cranes, an office building, a canteen, a storehouse and a guardhouse.

Yard Facility

The yard is fully equipped for repairs and construction of new vessels, with crawler and hydraulic mobile cranes, forklifts, air compressors, welding machines, mig and electric arc welding machines, lathe, drilling, shearing, sawing and bending machines, a CAD oxy gas and plasma cutting machine for steel and aluminium.

Existing Business

Supported by a highly professional design and construction team, our yard is fully equipped for the following services:

  • Construction of high speed aluminium vessels up to 63 meters
  • Repair and service of pleasure crafts and crew boats
  • Marine Repair and Fabrication Works
  • Dry Docking and Afloat Repairs
  • Retrofitting and Renewal Works
  • Mechanical and Engineering Works
  • Marine Consultation Works